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Published on July 08, 2024

This vacancy is aimed at Dutch-speaking students only!

Do you want to make a flying start in your career? Go for the two-year management traineeship from Enexis. Contributing to the energy transition... Can you imagine it? Manage a team of professionals who optimize the energy network in the Netherlands and solve disruptions or discover which direction suits you in challenging projects. At the same time, you work on your personal development, skills and knowledge in an extensive training program. You can count on targeted coaching, good guidance and support from about ten enthusiastic fellow trainees throughout the entire process.

This is how you take on this challenge as a management trainee

You start the traineeship on September 30, 2024 with extensive onboarding. You will meet your fellow trainees and get to know the role of Enexis in the energy transition. You also immediately build up a large network. Together with you, we choose an assignment that matches your needs, experience and ambitions. If you opt for policy-oriented management, your assignment will contribute to strategic management at central level. For example, you are working on the implementation of a new authorization process and the associated systems. Or rolling out an awareness program to make all Enexis employees more aware of digital security and privacy.

You organize your second and third assignment yourself within Enexis. Consider an assignment as a project leader in which you help ensure that we, as a network operator, achieve our strategic goals. Or an assignment in which you, as an advisor, help to smartly renew the Dutch energy grid. Or do you choose to do an assignment within Operations, the operational heart of our organization? The various assignments give you a broad picture of Enexis, you build a large network and are therefore a real connector in the organization. This way you prepare for your future in one of the many diverse positions such as advisor, manager, project leader, scrum master or product owner within our changing organization.

This is how you take on this challenge as an operational management trainee

You start on September 30 in a group with a number of fellow trainees. During the traineeship you develop yourself into a team manager. By tackling challenging projects you get to know the position, your leadership and our organization in its entirety. Already in your first year you will start working on an assignment in the operation for which you will be given immediate responsibility. Together with you, we choose an assignment that matches your needs, experience and ambitions. Consider, for example, a role as assistant manager in a team of technicians and executors, leading a (process) improvement or helping to set up a new team.

You can also boost your project-based skills to help in a role as project leader on one of the many projects available. In the second year you will carry out more and more tasks and responsibilities of a team manager and you will grow towards a role as an independent team manager. You carry out your assignments at the Enexis branch in Hengelo or Maastricht, where you get to know different departments and become part of the management team.

But we won't throw you in at the deep end straight away. First you follow an extensive onboarding process in which you meet your fellow trainees and get to know the role of Enexis in the energy transition. What's extra nice is that you immediately build up a large network during this process.

You learn a lot in both traineeships

During your entire traineeship, you and your fellow trainees will follow an extensive training program focused on personal leadership, management skills and sector and organizational knowledge. From communication training to the lean methodology and from the different leadership styles to having difficult conversations with actors; everything is covered. You will follow this program together with your fellow trainees, where you will also learn a lot from each other. We also provide personal coaching and good guidance with your assignments. And you will have every opportunity to share your experiences with your fellow trainees and discuss issues you encounter. This way, you will quickly become acquainted with Enexis and the energy sector in two years. And you take big steps in your growth as a person and colleague.

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In exchange for your energy, Enexis takes good care of you. This is what you can expect:

• A gross monthly salary of €3,881 based on 40 hours per week. This consists of a basic salary in scale 13 of € 3,216 and is supplemented with a personal budget (10%) and thirteenth month (10.7%).

• Guaranteed growth in your 2nd year from salaryscale 13 to scale 14.

• 8% holiday pay on your gross annual salary.

• We contribute 70% to your ABP Optional Pension.

• The ability to organize your working week flexibly. We believe a good balance between work and private life is important. So if you want to do a round of gym first thing in the morning, that's absolutely fine.

• An annual vitality budget of €500. For example, for a sports subscription or advice from a nutrition coach.

• A kilometer allowance and a mobility card with a first-class public transport subscription, including the use of a public transport bicycle.

• A laptop and telephone that you can also use privately.

• Plenty of room to develop further. That is a top priority for us. So if you want to follow a training or course, there is a good chance that we will cover the costs.

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